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If at the high altitudes (here at 3292 metres [10,821 feet], Basgo monastery), the Himalayas seem sterile (ok, to be frank, they are usually), it's nevertheless just the first impression. Behind some rocks and dust, you discover some oases (plural of oasis indeed), some green patches. But this photo disturbs me: it's not a photomontage. I mean, it looks like a montage. But it's not a collage. It's not a combination of 4 layers of 4 unconnected locations. It's real. The light in Ladakh is just that unbelievable. It's a world with shades of colors under singular lights. I know, there is one sun, come on, but the clouds are like lumps of fat on the broth: they create many diffractions, changing the personality of the air and rays. Without the pollution to make uniform the beans of sunlight, you get incredible shifts of colors in these Himalayan landscapes. The radiance on the foreground is not the same on the mountains in the background, or on the valley. The lights have there distinctive qualities, thus the feeling of layers and of a tridimensional result. It's unreal to see with your own eyes. So don't be surprise that it looks fabled too on a print. Kind of natural magic.

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