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From the series "Blood of Calcutta"
In all works you do on a city, you have to show, in one photo, that the street described by the visual signifiants is this unique place. Without title or text, the photo has to speak and say "I'm India" (at least for this example…). In New York, many signs breathe this city: the yellow taxi, the fire escapes, the wooden tanks. New York is almost by definition a visual icon. Calcutta is the easiest city in India to catch the essence. The "white" historical town, the Ambassador cabs, the landmarks, Calcutta says its name on a photo. But you need to capture more than that. I've created a concept for this city: the fractalized existence. It's a barbarism. It's my secret language (don't laugh). Explanation: in Calcutta you see a chaos. Everything is moving in all conceivable directions. Everything, from the air (visible by the omnipresent dust) to the people and trams and human-pulled rickshaws and goats and so on. It's like a Peléan eruption with a glowing cloud of existences flowing in the whole city. But in this chaos, there are patterns, like the fractals in the coastal design. There is an order. It's life itself regulating this entire macrocosmos. You feel it when you're standing and watching. You see thousands goals crossing each others in a subjacent harmony so powerful that you have to love and respect India for that. Beyond the noise, it's pure life.

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