At least, in my lifetime, I've experienced and have been a part of tumultuous events, natural calamities and man-made upheavals, in my nation's history...

EDSA Revolution (1986), the 7.7 magnitude earthquake that lasted almost a minute (1990), our house being gutted by fire (1991), the incredible ashfall from Mt. Pinatubo's eruption (1991), numerous super-typhoons battering the city with wind and water, the horrific flooding brought about by Typhoon Ondoy (2009 | International Code Name: Ketsana), and just recently, the massive deluge brought on by an unnamed weather disturbance...

While I was deep in thought this morning, reflecting on what has transpired, I was reminded of the days when, as a kid, I would act as an ant bully, pouring water over ant colonies upon ant colonies, breaking up their industry and activity, watching them scramble for their lives.

Over and over, I tried to break them, hoping that, by the next morning, they would have all moved on to another place to start over, never to disturb our backyards and our walls again.

Over and over, they never failed to leave me in dismay, in disbelief about their resolve to stay, to start over, very much in the same place as if nothing ever happened.

I never was able to break their spirits. They were the ones who made me give up and let them be through the passage of time and through my own inevitable crossover to maturity.

Such is what I thought of how we, the Filipino people, took it all in stride, bearing the seemingly unbearable with our patented smile and joyous laughter in the face of it all, rolling with the punches, the tremors, the discord, the downpour, and the waves.

We'll move on like the ants in that childhood story, starting all over again.

Very much in the same place as if nothing ever happened...

Moving on with a smile in our hearts and laughter in our souls.

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