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Incoming leaping coastal brown bear

- this is one of my favorite (if not my favorite ever) photos of the Alaska trip.

- if you think of a good title for this photo, please let me know.

- as you can imagine, its hard to get an opportunity when the bear was running right at me (mostly running sideways), so when he actually ran towards me, I told myself you better not mess this up.

- when the bear jumped up, most of the time, their eyes would be looking downward and became invisible, and their claws would be covered by water splashes.

- so this shot was extremely lucky to have both eyes and both claws visible.

- it reminds me of the Monster jumping out from the closet from "Monster Inc."

- my lower body had numbness wading in freezing water for too long (I was kneeling down on the river bottom and the water reached my chest, to maintain eye level with the bear). Its hard to focus while shivering...

- probably the most "holy shit" I yelled out loud in a day.

- was so thankful I was able to lock focus right between the eyes of the bear. The bear tended to run furiously for 2 seconds and then leaped up into the sky and pounce down, so I had to move my camera up and down in order to lock on his forehead.

- I set AF tracking sensitivity to slow (-2) and track the whole motion from the start, so that the focus point wouldn't mistakenly focus on the crazy water splash at the front of the bear.

- I just kept looking at this photo again and again, in awe of the power of nature.

- I thanked the bear after the shot was taken.

Thank you for reading and sharing my excitement.

I was with a small group of photographers led by Chas Glatzer in Katmai National Park.

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