Dennis B

watching shooting stars and the sunrise

I think I finally went crazy.. getting up at 4 o'clock is kinda crazy, somehow. My girlfriend was that friendly and came with me :)
So we drove about 30 km to the Wörthsee, near Munich. We've already been there at about 4:40 p.m. so we had to wait. We grabbed our stuff and sat down at the end of the jetty and watched to horizon... suddenly we've noticed some shooting stars and watched that spectacle..

Later I build up the tripod and adjusted my camera, took the best composition, focal length etc... that the twilight was there... it was awesome, this glowing horizon and you just knew that the sun will rise soon. That night/morning was clear as f*** .. amazing :)

Although it was bitter cold we've been amazed.

For those of you, that wonder why I didn't upload a capture of the actual sunrise.. I dunno, but the water isn't that beautiful and the atmosphere that calm in the sunrise capture... maybe I'll edit it some time and give it a chance... but for the moment I'll leave it like that :)

I do really hope you like this photograph and maybe that "effort" behind it :)


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