stroke uncle, 75, singaporean

"这辆脚车很贵?有几百块吗?(is this bike expensive? a couple of hundred dollars?)" - he commented as i laid my foldie bike to rest next the the table.

"以前我踏脚车去抓螃蟹 (i used to ride my bike to catch crabs)", he continued. "有一天,踏一半,中风。(one day i got a stroke while riding)".

“回到家,一直 lao nua. (when i arrived home, i was salivating uncontrollably)", he gestured to his mouth. “去 si pai bo, 医生说我中风. (the doctor diagnosed that i had a stroke when i arrived at the general hospital)".

"中了风,一边没有力。(when i had my stroke, i lost strength on one side)". as he said, he raised his left hand to show me.

“我的头塞二十八仙,我不要开刀。医生说开刀,可能会死。 (one of the arteries is twenty percent blocked, i do not want to operate. the doctor told me there is a risk of death if i operate.)"

“胆固醇太高,kopi 一天只能喝一杯。 (my cholesterol is too high, i can only drink a cup of coffee a day)." - he said as he showed me two fingers, indicating his cholesterol level of 200 hundred.

"以前我住kampong, 什么都吃。(when i was staying in the kampong, i ate everything)" - he said, reminiscing the past. "山猪,蝙蝠,花蟹,那个很象狗, 会吃鸡,很大。 (wild boar, bats, flower crabs, and a dog-looking animal that ate chickens)".

“现在每天吃药,一天吃三次。(now i can only eat medicine, thrice a day)"

i bid him a good workout as he commented he will be going to his daily 15 minutes walk.

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