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The old church on the coast of White sea

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During my recent trip to the North, I visited Solovki (Solovetskie Islands ). The main road to Solovki goes through a little town Kem, to be more concrete, its suburb – a township Rabocheostrovsk , from this place a motor ferry goes to the islands.
The main sightseeing of Rabocheostrovsk (which no tourist going to Solovki passes) is a church built for the Russian movie Ostrov (The Island).
The director of the movie, Pavel Lungin, was looking for a convenient place for a long time. He needed an inhospitable place because according to the plot the main hero, stared by Mamonov, prays for forgiveness of his sins. Once Lungin went to Solovki and saw by accident a semi-deserted cape on the White Sea shore with a lonely half-ruined house next to the Prichal-eurohostel.
It was difficult to find a better place. Rough White Sea, cold, huge boulders on the shore seen during the low tide – all these made the impression. Lungin reconstructed the house into the church, built other sets and shot an excellent movie.
And the church became a sightseeing and a must see for all tourists.
Unfortunately, after shooting nobody needs the scenery. So it happened to this church as well and now it is slowly ruining. For some odd reason neither public authorities nor Church wants to put everything in orer and take advantage of this beautiful and famous place. To be true this building is not a real church because it was never dedicated.
Once a bomzh (a rough sleeper) lived there and looked after the church and he even arranged excursions for those who were interested. But now the church is closed and deserted. And instead of rebuilding it, they built a new modern chapel which looks as a building-sin.
I hope that one day a real Church in the manner of northern wooden churches will be built there.
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There was a stormy sunset but horizon was clear. The sun lit clouds from below.
It's a panoramic photography. I took 3 vertical images by Canon 16-35 on 16mm. Every image was a serie from 3 picture taken with bracketing. I use Lightroom 4 for raw convertation. In Lightroom I did the same white balance and applied noise reduction and exported pictures to 16-bit tiff files. Then I added their to PTGui and stitch HDR panorama. In the setting of stitching I set option to add layers with the same level of exposure and blended layer. Then I opened panorama in Adobe Photoshop and using handmade masking I got this pic from 3 layers. The first layer is the darkest, the second have normal exposure and the third is the brightest. I did mask by ctrl-click on the red channel (brightness mask). And finally I just increased the contrast. before download to 500px I did resize and sharped image.

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