This is the last unofficial week of summer so I will close out the summer photo series with a frequent event on Labor Day – fireworks. Feel free to oooh & ahhh all you want.

There are chaotic fireworks and there are simple fireworks - like these two flowers. Yes, the nearly black circle at the center of the blue one is real. I can’t explain it. A black hole caused by the Big Bang? Look closely and you can see a faint cloud of smoke in it.

The reason I am a bit fascinated with these images is that most of my work is deliberate; I control what I am putting in the frame and it is usually captured at fractions of a second.

Not so with these fireworks. The camera is set up to record light, but instead of altering the shutter speed to freeze time as short as technically possible, a slightly longer period of time is being captured. You figure out when to press the shutter, (when you hear the thump of a rocket being launched), and then you watch and wait.

In this image we see what happens during two seconds of time. I do not get to do long exposure photography very often. It’s fun and it has its own reward, the random and the unpredictable, something in life that can we can all use a little more of.

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