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From the series "Wet furs"
Madness, like genius, is a way, unique, to see and understand the world. To create, or destroy, in a way never imagined by the mainstream people we are, who think well (in a moral sense) rather than free (morality being the barrier). To be mad or to be genius is to meditate out of the box. Madness is beauty. An God-like way to think. Fiat lux. From nothing comes everything. We, moral beings, educated for the good of the whole, we all create through a base of knowledge, a pile of dogmas, a sum of experiences. The novelty is just the fruit of a long process. Creativity is for us merely a craft. We have masters to follow the steps. The madman and the genius walk alone. The true inspired thought, as much as the mad one, is pure originality, with no attach, no roots, no future, no purpose. A sublime spark with which the world is reformulated, redrawn, rethought, and all this treasure is left with indifference, until we, crafty oxen, we bring it to light, until we find an interest in it for the good of the whole.
This Japanese macaque is not crazy, but he looks like and that's what is important to me, not the truth (which is a futile try to simplify what can't be). We, we are neither of genius nor of insanity made, but we should search for those difference looks to cherish them as gates. Love them, hate them, it doesn't matter; it's not a question of morality. Just a sense of estheticism. In the asylums, we should find hundred of faces filled with joys and fears, with stories we can't even justify. These worlds, in their eyes, are new horizons for us to sail.
PS: title from the King Lear Act I, scene 5

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