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From the series "Bangkok of Buddha"
In a lot of countries, it seems that youth is not an abstract concept, rather something pragmatic. They need men. In a very few other countries, youth is an idea made of sentences with "should be". They desire children.
For Gandhi, need is for the bread touching your teeth, desire is for the jam 65% fruit and no less. A need meets hunger. Your body is begging for satisfaction, but desire consumes you. It forces you to want always more for the pleasure to possess. A thirst for a trinket is not satisfying, quickly outshone. Just your mind is ordering. A craze for beads appears when your don't crave for water and bread, both so obviously present in your daily life, you don't think about them anymore. Their lack is simply unlikely. Meanwhile, for many women and men, lack of wishes and hopes, that's merely routine. Some of us live with desires, which exist after the needs' completion, while many of us are just born for a purpose: not to be a child, but a worker, a soldier, to be sold.
This Chinese boy lives in the scrap metal borough of Bangkok. What do you think about him? Is he living an extravagant fairyland, with no worry about money, pain and death? Is he protected of needs and mud? Can he afford to dream, to be naive? To quote William Blake, does he see a world in a grain of sand? Our childhood has been romanticized, for children to feel free to see beyond the needs. To obtain desires. To reach their dreams. It's a concern for the rich. Some children in our world don't have the opportunity to get pass the thought for bread and love. They are to be men and women in a handful of years passed diaper days.

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