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First let me tell you that I'm very proud to have been awarded with Honorable Mentions at the International Photography Awards IPA 2012 for both my series “Like a Harp's Strings” and “A Path to the Sky” in both Categories Bridges and Buildings.

Then let my announce you that I'm also proud to be organizing the FIRST ARCHITECTURAL WORKSHOP & PHOTOWALK in Athens, in November 23-26/27, 2012. If you are interested or just curious, have a look at the FULL description here: http://goo.gl/wd4Gh and if you want to sign up, you can do it here: http://goo.gl/cgIoc . If you want to shoot the best modern architecture of a famous city (and not only) and to learn about long exposure and B&W photography, then this workshop is for you.

And now about the image...
_Mexican Embassy, Berlin – architects Teodoro González de León & J. Francisco Serrano Cacho_

My series "A Path to the Sky" is continuing with the 6th image that is dedicated to the people of the Mexican Embassy in Berlin, as a thank you for their wonderful gesture to offer the conference room for the Berlin Google Photowalk instructional sessions in May and for being so amazing, helpful and warm with all the participants. This  was yet another beautiful  experience along with all the other wonderful moments in this charming city.

As for the image itself,  I had a very clear idea of what I wanted with this shot from the very beginning, but to get there I had to try a hundred things, and experiment with different ways of approach in order  to find the best solution. ...what I do on every image actually, but this time my goal  was very clear from the beginning, even from before shooting the photo. I've spent though a large amount of time in PP to make it look like what I had in mind:  looking at it, tweaking it, playing with every detail till it took its place  in the hierarchy and I was able to say OK, this is how it should be. To get the tones I wanted  I worked on each pillar separately and played with light and shadow till I brought them to the right intensity. I did more than 40 selections for different areas of the image (and 2 for each pillar), I  put light where there wasn't any and took away from where there was too much of it, and again, I had to make everything fit together and  mold the result into the image I was keeping as a guide in my imagination. The icing on the cake was the highlight in the middle where I spent a few hours just to get a smooth transition from light to dark. Sometimes when I work with this kind of tonal transitions I have the impression that there are just not enough tones available for what I try to do...
And this whole process of working at the file made me wonder ...when all is said and done, what's easier: to find an idea or to put it in practice?  Lately I tend to believe that the hardest to achieve is to bring something from the state of idea to it's realization and final shape. And I could extrapolate and say that this stands for pretty much everything, not only for photography or art. My experiences from the last period of time say just that: you never know what you're going to find when you bring an idea into the world and try to make it reality. No matter how much you know, or how well prepared you are, life will always surprise you when you try to create something. There is not such a thing as certainty in life...
But hey, finding the way might not be easy, but that's what  I like about photography (and about life too),  is that I learn something from every image I make (and also from every experience I have), from shooting till processing and setting the photo  free into the world.  And that's so fulfilling! 

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