For those of you who read my ramblings in yesterday's text, please forgive me if you were expecting to see a new feline photo posted up today, though rest assured my next upload will indeed be of a cat, and a real one this time, I promise ;^)

As I wrote so much in the previous post about these Squirrel Monkeys, with the suggestion that there was more of the experience to relate, I thought it more appropriate to show you at least one of the few images that came out relatively okay.

So there I was, now inside their enclosure together with mum and her few weeks old baby, as well as dad and, although I've yet to determine this to be sure, I'm assuming a close relative or at least a very close friend, who I will refer to as One-Eye (in an endearing way!) as I don't believe he has a name and his most distinguishing feature is the absence of one eye!

Now why would you be interested in knowing about a one-eyed Squirrel Monkey when I'm not actually showing him to you in this frame? Good question, glad you asked. Well, as it happens, much of the time I was inside their enclosure I couldn't see One-Eye either, as while I was constantly twisting this way and that to try and zero in on the mother and her young, with the mother incessantly moving about, One-Eye's curiosity found him walking a path back and forth from my shoulder to the top of my head down onto my camera across the length of my 70-200mm lens, stopping off at all of those point to scrutinise, smell, touch, pull, and lick everything that was so alien yet apparently unthreatening to him.

He seemed to enjoy actually sitting on either my head on directly on top of my lens as I was trying to line up my shots (which was still possible as One-Eye is as light as a feather!), but he also clearly enjoyed laying along the top of my lens with his head stuck as far into the lens-hood as it would go; tiny tongue marks were actually all over the glass by the end of this session - LOL ;^p

All this could be seen by passing visitors much to the amusement of parents and the delight of children, and though a photo taken by one of them may well be circulating the internet by now, unfortunately I haven't yet seen one. So next time my daughter is up at Khao Kheow Open Zoo together with me we will no doubt visit our Squirrel Monkey friends again, and if the same scenario plays out like this I'll have her take a few snapshots and share the best one with you.

As with yesterday's text on the Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin, I will write some more factual information (which will no doubt be a lot more interesting than what I've written above!) about the Squirrel Monkey species when I post up the next picture of them. For now though, let me just add that they are a New World monkey native to the tropical forests of Central and South America.

To those of you who've read all this, thank you for your time and patience and I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead. And to those of you that haven't, though of course you'll never know, I'm wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead too ;^)

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