I needed a break from studying so I set out to create a very specific image. The result was something entirely different, but to me that is what's so beautiful about creative expression. Intent is important when creating a photo but being open to new possibilities, to truly living in the moment and reacting fluidly to what is around you...Responding to the forces that surround you while you're creating - that is just as special. Here are a couple of the raw photos as well as the final image, "The Passing Cloud"

This photo is rooted in two thoughts...The first is from one of my favourite movies, Chronicles of Narnia...The scene where the little girl meets Mr. Tumnus and learns that winter has lasted for a long time. So that connects to the whimsical aspect of the photo. The second aspect is that this looks like an ad for something. It has that element of sexuality and smoking. The materialism that is symbolized represents how obsessive we have become over consumer goods, over trivial nonsense. The two girls face the same direction, and one even looks straight at the camera. The earth behind them is warm, green and lush but there is no way of knowing whether or not they are aware of this. They are huddling together for warmth. Ultimately, they are immersed in the lifeless cold of winter but there is always hope for summer and what summer represents :)

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