A kudu dame delicately strips of the juicy leaves of a thorny acacia thorn bush in Namibia's Etosha National Park.

Kudu are predominantly browsers and feed on a wider range of species than any other antelope. They do prefer leaves and young shoots but will also eat seedpods, such as Acacia tortillus, leaves of Aloe species and other plants that are poisonous or avoided by other browsers.

Acacia thorns are hard, long and with a razor-sharp tip, they will easily puncture a tire and I had my share of uncomfortable and painful experiences with them when I in the heat of a moment lay down on the ground without looking to get a low view shot. I always wanted to show kudus take the branches including the thorns in their soft mouth's and then pull off the leaves without hurting themselves and one rainy day in Etosha provided me with the perfect situation. I managed to get the sharpness only on the mouth and thorns and due to the big aperture keep the rest of the antelope's head slightly blurred.

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