Mufumya, Burundi

I know this is my third photo of the day from this set at the Catholic mass, but there was just something about the whole experience that was so intriguing. Part of it was because the side lighting made for great depth and contrast, but it was also the uniqueness of the situation. It was my first time at a Catholic mass… let alone, an African Catholic mass.

One thing that all three services I attended shared in common (Baptist, Pentecostal and Catholic) was the incredible singing. Individually, their singing voices weren’t all the impressive, but when you got a group of them singing together, the harmony and sheer volume was something I’d never witnessed before. This particular moment was near the end of the service. Though movement and dancing wasn’t uncommon, this particular song contained a chorus that included a sea of waving hands. While remarkable on its own, what really moves me about this photo is the older gentleman. Despite all the activity and commotion around him, he remained calm, silent and reverent. You can feel the tension through the restraint he exercises; his hands hover just above his waste, never moving any higher. This particular service was a youth service, so even though he was a out of his element and no doubt slightly uncomfortable with the exuberant display that was taking place around him, he still found his own little quiet space to worship. It’s very interesting to see that these kinds of generational differences exist all over the world!

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