A jumping spider with its very large catch; a Florida predatory stink bug. Photo taken at the Norfolk Botanical Garden in Norfolk, Virginia.


On another topic...I'm continually amazed by how many boring, weak, mediocre images often get such high numbers (99+) on this site, and how those images appear on page one of the Popular page almost daily...by the same photographers over and over again. What is going on?

I post my best work and only vote for images that I genuinely like. Otherwise what's the point? Voting and faving bad work or "trading votes" in the hope that the other person will return the favor is ruining the site by moving not so good work to the top pages.

Disliking great work to get to the top (cheating) or to be vindictive also ruins the site. I see it happen all the time; bad work moves up, great work moves down, not always, but often enough. Great photographers leave the site all the time because of it. I love to help the best photographers get to page one, love to be inspired by their great work, which is part of why I joined this site, for inspiration, as well as to showcase my work. I won't "Like" a shot that I think is awful. It's not like you win a prize if you get to page one. Hello!? This is a photography sharing site, not a game and not a popularity contest.

If you don't really like my work, please don't vote for it, it won't hurt my feelings. If you have a suggestion, I'm all ears. I'd like an honest opinion since I'm always striving to create better work. If you genuinely like my work and vote for it for that reason, I very much appreciate the support! Thank you!

Make 500px a better site for everyone. If you think your work is being unfairly targeted write to 500px and have them look into it! (under Support--bottom of the page).

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