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Hey, you, back there, what are you whispering? Are you saying it doesn't look like Cleopatra at all?!

Hold your horses then, because there might have been a slight misunderstanding...
"Cleopatra" is the name that the freaky fellows down at the weather forecasts centre gave to the cyclone that hit Rome today.

Yesterday all news report were calling out for maximum alert, telling people NOT TO LEAVE THEIR HOUSES UNLESS IT WAS EXTREMELY NECESSARY...

Well, it turned out to be a pretty damn mild rain. Nothing more...

But you know, if someone tells you that tomorrow you won't be able to leave your house and, on top of that, it makes it sound like some sort of apocalyptic weather phenomenon... Well, you simply PLAN on staying in for the day.
And you do even if it's not that much of a big deal.

So I had this shot in mind for the day and I didn't let the "normal" weather get in the way.

This is Henry-The-Roommate® in his first appearence in this project and the rainy night he's taking cover from is a sophisticated disguise : I trow some water on the windows, had him shower, gave him a towel and placed a flash outside in the street.

Fifteen done, JUST 35 to go!


Nikon D700 | 50mm (ƒ/1.4G) @ 50mm | ƒ/1.4 | ISO 800 | 1/30th s — Camera Handheld

Nikon SB900 | 1/16th Power | Full Cut CTO on it | Bare, all zoomed out @200mm | Outside the window, in the parking lot, approximately 10mt away from him | On a "voice activated light stand" called Andrea :)

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