Went to our local Zoo, Brookfield Zoo, the other day and got to take this shot of one of my favorite animals there, the Meerkat.

This little guy was way up on the higest rock, on guard duty, perched there looking around, often straight up as if a eagle or a hawk might swoop down.

Granted, that's a good thing, but these little guys live in a indoor enclosure so that instinct must be pretty strong and he isn't going to take any chances being caught "off guard".

Sentry duty
When it comes to looking out for danger, few creatures are as vigilant as meerkats. Meerkats are active during the day, spending most of the time looking for food. During this time they are vulnerable to predators, such as birds of prey, snakes, monitor lizards, and any other large carnivore. To protect the colony, one meerkat usually has sentry duty while the others hunt. The sentry takes up a position high on a rock or log. He or she sits erect, even standing sometimes, sniffing the wind and scanning the area for danger. If this look-out detects trouble, it lets out one of several alarm calls. One call means, "Danger is imminent, run for cover!" A different call means, "Danger might be nearby, so be on guard."

There is just something so appealing about these small animals..maybe its that they remind me of my Siamese cats here...they are just to cute.

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