It is before the break of dawn when you wake
To replenish your body and not ache
The last sip and the last bite
Seem so joyful and ready to fight

It is morning and time for work
You skip the coffee or your usual perk
All is fine and the hopes are high
"This ain't too hard" you heard a reply

It is noon and time for eating
"Feed me! Feed me!" your stomach won't stop speaking
Questions all around the office surround you
“Why aren't you eating Mrs. Matthew?”

It is then when you remember
That only the weak will surrender
A few more hours or a few more days
It's not so bad when one prays

Mid-day has now passed
Can't stop thinking how long you'll last
The stomach has finally found some rest
But soon you'll face another test

Now it's time for the workday to end
Pull out your phone and call on a friend
Time and love must not be spared
For joy is most joyful when it is shared

It is now some time past mid-day
“The clock has stopped”, you may say
The day seems longer than ever
You pray again that hunger won’t live here forever

It is then when chills flow down your spine
Awakening your senses that Ramadan is a sign
Your blessings should make you humble
For without them you would crumble

You check again but the clock has not moved
Wonder whose food has been removed
From the table of their home
Do they even have a house of their own?

Must be time for the stomach to growl
How can that be when it sounds like a howl?
Force yourself to get up, though you’re weak
Start to wonder if you can even speak

Anytime now the horizon will greet the sun
A sight so beautiful compares to none
Mom has prepared a meal with such an aroma
Makes you believe it’d waken you from a coma

The call to prayer signals the sun has set
With all sorts of food the table is dressed
Iftar celebrates the struggle’s end
That another day’s hunger has been suppressed

Now there’s so much joy that it’s easy to forget
That another hasn’t had any food yet
Tomorrow the sun again will rise
Can you help the other before she dies?

How can you claim that you are thankful
When you don’t even try to be helpful?
For if your table sees no drought
You most certainly can feed another mouth

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