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Something that I REALLY love about this kind of "day by day" photographic projects is that, once you're IN, they bring an healthy amount of the "unexpected factor" to your everyday life.

How so?

How the hell am I supposed to know that? All I know is that they just do.

Take today for example. I knew my friend Agnese was visiting for a day and of course, I knew that she was going to be my photo of the day, somehow.

I had nothing planned. I simply believed things would have led us to a nice photo.

As soon as I saw her red coat with that giant hood, I immediately thought of "little red riding hood".
So right before dinner, we searched for a place that could resemble a forest path.

Once we found the place, we started setting up the lights and trying to work around the concept.
BY PURE COINCIDENCE, while moving around a little trying to find the final position, we stumbled upon that shadow line made by the lit hood.

That mask-like pattern on her face amazed both of us so we completely discarded the little riding hood idea and focused on that.

Once we had a photo that we both liked, we packed and headed back home.

And it was just a couple hours ago, while post processing the shot that we realized how much her silhouetted face's shadow is visible inside the hood!

In the end, this photo is unexpected in every way.
And I love it!

Twenty Nine done, JUST 21 to go!


Nikon D700 | 50mm (ƒ/1.4G) @ 50mm | ƒ/2 | ISO 800 | 1/30th s — Camera Handheld

Nikon SB900 | 1/32nd Power | Full cut CTO gel | In a Walimex 20"x20" Softbox subject right | on a light stand

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