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Halloween Special! For such a young city, Buenos Aires has its share of ghost stories and haunted places. Recoleta cemetery is famous for its notable interments and the impressive mausoleums, many of them created by famous artists -it's a thin line between "beign notable" and sufferning "delusion of grandeur" :)-.
In the picture you see a statue of Rufina Cambaceres. Rufina died at the age of 19 in 1902. A few days after her burial, the cemetery keepers heard a noise inside the vault and called the family. They entered and found the coffin out of its place. Fearing someone stoles Rufina's body, they opened it... Her body was scratched and mauled, she's been buried alive, woke up and tried to battle her way out but eventually suffocated and thus became one of the famous ghost of the cemetery. Some people said it was a case of "catalepsy", others have a more colorful story: Aparently, her mother gave her a sedative every night so she can have her way with her lover, who happened to be... Rufina's boyfriend! Mr. Yrigoyen who was 25 years older than her -and would be president of the country a few years later-. versions from this point, one claims that she found out and "died" from the impression, other says that having a particulary intense urge to fulfil, her mother overdosed her -accidentally...- that night. Of course, serious researchers claims that this is all nonsense, that what really happened was that robbers forced the coffin to get her jewelry. Don't know you, but I happen to like John Ford's idea: "When forced to pick between truth and legend, print the legend."

Rufina's mausoluem -an impressive example of art noveau- was built years later. Artist Richard Aigner created the statue -check how she's like trying to open the door...-. I played with the image, trying to achive ceratain "halloween mood". hope you like it!

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