Taken shortly after my "Barf Peak" image. Antony Spencer, David Clapp, and the rest of our most awesome posse were heading back home when some late night color made a surprise appearance.

"PULL OVER" I yelled, and Antony graciously complied. There was probably an expletive in there for emphasis.

Hopping out of the car, I looked down towards the beach which lay about 1/2 mile away across a snowfield. Would we make it in time? Well.... there was only one way to find out. I quickly grabbed my pack filled with the camera Antony was loaning me (since I had sunk mine in a fjord earlier that day) and led the calvary charge in a full sprint/fast waddle across the snow.


I looked over my shoulder and saw.... nothing. Nobody. Just David Clapp standing by the van, arms crossed, wry smile across his face, enjoying watching me try to run, keep my untied boots on, and get my backpack over my shoulder. I felt VERY much like Will Ferrell in "Old School". You know the scene.


Green shoes on.... nothing else.

Well, sod it. I'm gonna make it down there if it kills me. Picking up speed thanks to the slight downhill incline, I'm making good progress, and visions of my 6th place ribbon in junior high cross country come flooding back. (Seriously. A ribbon for 6th place?)

The next memory that came flooding back was from physics class. In this case, Newton's First Law of Motion. "An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force". In this case, the outside force was my weight versus a waist deep snow drift.

Leg crashes through snow up to waist. Lower body stops dead. Upper body continues at full speed. Body bends over at waist and goes face first into snow. Entire body stuck. *Wiggles like a turtle stuck on back until finally breaking free*

Repeat this scenario several times until crashing through last drift and rolling upside down onto rocks of beach. I had time to throw the camera down, try to come up with some sort of comp, and fire off about 3 frames before the color disappeared.

After the long, post-holing hike back, I collapsed in a heap next to the car.

Clapp: "Was it worth it?" *laughs*
Yeah... he's a real comedian, that guy.

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