A pair of Black-tailed Godwits fighting over feeding grounds. The camera locked on to these two as they fought for several seconds. This was one of my favourites from that sequence.

These birds were feeding separately, when they started to come close to each other one would start calling, warning the other don’t come any closer etc. By watching this behaviour, getting our cameras ready, increasing
the ISO, choosing a wide-open aperture, selecting the middle focusing spot- which is always the stronger and getting closer by crawling on our bellies as these fought we were ready for an action take place should the warning calls fail.

Well as you can see they did fail and these two violently attacked each other, trying to poke their long bills into the others faces. Extremely tough to watch as they was a high degree of intention to hurt the other from each Godwit. Seconds later one gave in and peace was resumed. .

D4,F4VR600,F4,1/250,ISO 2000,-0.3EV,Matrix,Luck

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