Chinese calligraphy has a long history in China. Ever since the invention of paper, the Chinese has been communicating by writing with brush and paper. Along the way, it has developed into an art form. The Chinese started to not only write, but also draw with brush and paper. The one who wrote and draw extremely well has left their name in history, and their survived works through time were highly priced and pursued by collectors through out the world,especially museums. Today, a lot of these precious work of art were collected by museums all over the world, so the public can view them in museums all over the world.

The art of Chinese calligraphy survived till today and today. In this computer and technology advance century, it has became a pure art form. The gentleman in this photo write whole day for a living, his skill is not bad as we can see from his work hanging around the shop. Chinese calligraphy product is a popular souvenir item for tourist. With large amount of tourist going in and out of Jinli everyday, business at this stand has to be good. I wonder how much he has to write everyday? Oh, he also write your name into Chinese for a fee, doesn't matter what language your name is in. How nice, too bad my name is already in Chinese ^_^

中国毛笔书法拥有悠长的历史。 自从纸的发明后,中国人就开始用纸和毛笔来沟通。 渐渐的,这种沟通方式变成了一种艺术。 中国开始不只是用毛笔在纸上写字,还开始用毛笔在纸上画画。 那些书写和书画的特好的人物名留青史,而他们遗留下来的作品拥有非常高的历史价值,是这世上很多收藏家毕生的追求,尤其是博物馆。 今天,很多的中国书画作品已被收藏到世界各地有名的博物馆里,所以现在大家都能够到博物馆里欣赏到这些珍贵的作品。

中国的书法存活到了今天。 在这个电脑科技发达的世纪,书法现在已变成了纯艺术。 这张照片里的这位先生以书法为生,从他挂在店里的作品看来,他的技术还不错。 他们这家店的生意一定很好,因为每一天都有大量从世界各地而来的游客进出锦里。 书法作品是一个很受游客欢迎的纪念品。 我在想,他一天到底要写多少字呢? 哦,他也能把你的名字用中文写下来,不管你原本的名字是什么语言。 多好 ^_^

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