Cabeceira do Mondego (Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela)

The diversity and abundance of mushrooms in existing forest stands located in Cabeceira Mondego, is more lush autumn. Many of its species are edible and are harvested in a responsible manner, may be a great reason to know and enjoy this place.


Macroscopic description (Amanita muscaria):

- Hat: His pileos vary between 10 cm. and 25 cm. in diameter. Evolve from globose to convex and finally flat like most amanita. Your cuticle separable, scarlet red turns to orange with age. On it there are numerous remains of the universal veil white. These are usually cottony texture and arranged in concentric circles, white to yellow over time. Meaty, consistent and attractive appearance. Margin incurved and slightly fluted at maturity.

- Prints: Pure white, free, wide, numerous, big bellied with floc edge. It has abundant lamellae-lamellulae-interleaved.

- Pie: Cylindrical, easily removable hat, white to slightly yellow, straight, robust, and full ring. Their size varies from about 12 to 20 cm. in height and 1 to 3 cm. in diameter.
The ring is wide, and the edge menbranoso slightly tinged with yellow.
The base of the foot is clavate, surrounded by a volva, white, fleeting, like a wart that make incomplete circles.

- Meat: White to court under the cuticle orange, thick, tender, with little taste and smell invaluable.

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