I consider myself a fine art landscape photographer (the fine art qualifier is debatable), not a documentary photographer. My initial intent is to capture scenes of a surreal quality, as they are seen, and present them with authenticity. The drama of a spring thunderstorm breaking at sunset with a field of wildflowers as a foreground can give the appearance of a scene that us not real, thus surreal. If I record it correctly and process it with an eye for detail, it can look much like the actual scene, which is enough. On other occasions, however, I will see a scene of quality, but I will previsualize the scene as it will appear after some artistic treatment. The final result will not be an accurate representation, more a artistic interpretation. I'm not into making the scene look like it was taken in another universe, mind you, but instead tweaking the atmospheric qualities with some modest moves, establishing a different sensation from the scene. In this case, a high key treatment reduces the colors and detail, making the scene appear as it might in near whiteout conditions. In truth, it wasn't far from this, but I could see this rendition as I snapped the shutter. I think this has a away of drawing the viewers eyes inward in an attempt to see the faint details and make sense of the scene.

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