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This is a male white lion.

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Canned hunting of lions continues to happen legally in parts of Africa. If you don’t know what canned hunting is then please read below about this horrific money making industry.
A few days after the lion is born it is taken from its mother. The mother is taken away and made pregnant again, her sole purpose is to be a breeding machine for the trophy hunting outfitter. She spends her whole life giving birth and having her cubs ripped away from her, and she never gets the chance to be a mother. Once her body is useless and can no longer have cubs she is either offered to be shot for a bargain price or just thrown in for free as part of another hunt.

When the cub is taken from its mother it is sent to a petting zoo or a volunteer project, where tourists pay to interact with the cubs. This is very distressing for the cubs who have no means of getting away, cats sleep a lot and cubs especially, but they cannot do this because of been constantly picked up for photographs. Volunteers pay thousands of dollars to work on projects that promise that they will be one day released. Volunteers do not care to do any research and realise that any hand raised lion in South Africa cannot be released. These volunteers believe they are doing a good thing but they are just filling the pockets of these murderers and keeping this sick industry alive.

Once the lion is no longer a cub it is sent back to the trophy hunting farm, where it can grow into a suitable trophy for a tourist to shoot.
When it comes time for the lion to be shot, it is released into the larger enclosure. The killers drive around the enclosure looking for the tame, hand raised lion. Meat is often hung out and they wait for the lion to start eating and then open fire as it eats.
The aftermath is shocking as they parade the dead lion for ridiculous photos as they stand over the lifeless corpse of the tame, hand raised lion. They then return home to their countries to tell tales of how they killed a big bad dangerous man eating lion (they never mention they killed a tame, bottle fed lion inside an enclosure).

Trophy hunting companies have now found another way to profit from the lions they kill, they are now starting to sell the bones to the Asian medicine market. This is the same market that has wiped many species off the face of the planet and is the biggest threat to tigers and rhino today, the scariest thing is that the South African government are allowing them to do this legally.

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