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Sydney Harbour Bridge, shot from Milson Point outside Luna Park.

I wanted this image to be all about the bridge, and little else. So I cross-processed it to drain the sky. I also used a Canon TS-E 24mm f3.5L Tilt+Shift Lens. First, I engaged the Rotate function of the lens at 45 degrees to obtain a line of focus along the bridge from left to right. To get that focus line I engaged the Tilt function as well. In addition, I engaged the Shift function to obtain an effective focal length of 14.9mm, ie 3 separate shots at -8mm, 0mm (prime position), and +8mm respectively, then merged the three. The Shift function moves the lens perpendicular to the focal plane, so no distortion whatsoever needs correcting on merge - its seamless. I rarely use all 3 functions on the Tilt+Shift lens but there you have it. When doing so, the lens look like a Bizarro robot. The merged image I cropped, especially to get the water out of the image. Not to everyone's taste, but I am happy with the result.

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