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My trip to Denmark / Fanø

This is a text from kujaja jaja for our book
We did it and the book is online at

We are a group of 127 photographers from 36 countries around the world who have joined creative forces and resources in order to raise awareness about what water.

The profits of this joint book project will be donated to “Operazione Acqua e Riso”, a small organization - created by a group of photographers under the lead of Oliviero Masseroli - supporting communities in Bangladesh in getting access to clean water."

all who joined:
I would like to invite you to a waterbook day on this wednesday! Publish your photo from the book (or any other water photo) on this wednesday 5th december 2012, link to our book and tag it with "waterbookday"

get a christmas present copy:
each copy includes 20 euro donation which will go to “Operazione Acqua e Riso”
If you want to have it under your christmass tree, dont hesitate and order today to be sure it arrives in time!

Standard landscape:

Large landscape:


if you want to join our next book project go to
next project: one minute on earth

these people joined our water book:
Abdullah Rhwanjy (Egypt), Achintya Guchhait (India), Alex Greenshpun (Israel), Andreas Scholer (Germany), Anita Kryszkiewicz (Poland), Anna Trandeva (Bulgaria), Bart Zandbergen (Netherlands), Bart Van Dijk (Netherlands), Beatriz Ballesteros (Spain), Bert Beentjes (Netherlands), Blanca Martín (Spain), Bob Feigl (USA), Boris Frkovic (Croatia), Broto Chakrabarti (USA), Bulent A. Dursun (Turkey), Carl Thompson (United Kingdom), Cathelijne Van den Bercken (Netherlands), Catherine Poh Huay Suen (United Kingdom), Christine Eckardt (Luxembourg), Chuang Lin (Italy), Claudia Van der Tuijn (Netherlands), Corinna-Jasmin Kopsch (Germany), Dimitri Alderweireld (Belgium), Dragan Todorovic (Serbia), Ellen Cuylaerts (Cayman Islands), Emily Gunther (USA), Fareed Khan (USA), Francesco Saverio Lafronza (Italy), Francisco Alcantud (Spain), Francisco Marty (USA), Gianluca Sgarriglia (Italy), Gilles Menghetti (France), Giovanni Sottile (Italy), Gisele Evrard (Belgium), Hamni Juni (Malaysia), Harm Poelman (Netherlands), Harold Begun (USA), Hegel Jorge (United Kingdom), Helena Blanco (Sweden), Hidemi Katayama (Japan), Hirokazu Musashi (Japan), Ingrid Vekemans (Belgium), Irawan Subingar (Indonesia), Irfan Nabi (United Arab Emirates), Jamal Ouguimi (Morocco), Javier Luces (Belgium), Jean Luc Venuti (France), Jean-Marc Payet (France), Jim Ross (USA), Jo Williams (United Kingdom), Joëlle Giannoni (France), Jonghwa Bae (South Korea), Jorge Maia (Portugal), Josh Adamski (Israel), Julia Kaufmann (Germany), Julian John (United Arab Emirates), Jurjen Harmsma (Netherlands), Kai Buddensiek (Germany), Kai Prager (Germany), Kazumi Ishikawa (Japan), Kazuo Shinohara (Japan), Kazuyoshi Hiraga (Japan), Kenneth Canady (USA), Kim Leuenberger (Switzerland), Kimberly Poppe (France), Kirsten Karius (Germany), Kujaja Jaja (Germany), KyKE GS (Spain), Laura Kazmukhanova (Kazakhstan), Lauren Rautenbach (South Africa), Leila Raymond (Canada), Lory Van der Neut (Netherlands), Luis Negro Diaz (Spain), Maarten Van de Voort (Netherlands), Mahdi Aridj (France), Mahesh Balasubramanian (India), Marbee .info (Japan), Marc Bulte (Netherlands), Marcela Lima (Japan), Marek Czaja (Sweden), Margareth Perfoncio (Brasil), Mario Boh (Argentina), Mark Luftig (USA), Martina Johansson (Sweden), Martine Weber (Luxembourg), Massimo De Luca (Italy), Mathias Ahrens (Germany), Mauro Maione (Italy), Maximiliano Brina (Argentina), Miguel Silva (Portugal), Mike Kremer (Luxembourg), Mo Ey (United Kingdom), Monica Heller (Netherlands), Nancy Van Schijndel (Netherlands), Nicole Cambré (Belgium), Ojeeez Z (India), Oliviero Masseroli (Italy), Paul Farrelly (United Kingdom), Paula Connolly (United Kingdom), Phyllis Rachler (Austria), Prabu Dennaga (Indonesia), Prasanna Kumar (United Arab Emirates), Rainer Leiss (Austria), Ralf Steinbrück (Germany), Ralph Reichert (Germany), Rebecca Deckmyn (Belgium), Ricardo Alves (Portugal), Richard Alicea, Robert Durisch (Switzerland), Robert Komarek (Germany), Robin Polman (Netherlands), Rohan Pavgi (India), Samrat Mukhopadhyay (India), Sarah Domingos (Luxembourg), Sarah O'Dell (South Africa), Sébastien Marchand (France), Sonia Braga (Brazil), Sue Scimeca (USA), Talitha Hoppe (Netherlands), Tao Sasaki (Japan), Thelma Gatuzzo (Brazil), Thomas Born (Canada), Victor Cucos (Canada), Wilfredo Lumagbas Jr. (Philippines)
Thanks kujaja jaja for your great work.

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