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Returning to our campsite after staying up late enough for the stars to come out is where this story begins. As I pulled into our campsite, my headlights glanced off this little mound of fur racing in circles right where I was planning to park. Turns out it was a little deer mouse; you know, the cute kind with the big beady eyes? Well, this guy was circling so fast I figured he was training for the mouse Olympics, and he showed no signs of letting up as my car approached. Indeed, after parking, it was confirmed that his gyrations continued un-abaited under the truck. While this didn't seem to bother the posse of RyDyGuy, Mike "Charmin" Jacobson, and David "D Breezy" Thompson, the words of Jeremy Cram from earlier that day echoed in my ears. He had a mouse running around his campsite the night before, and the thing somehow managed to get inside the frame of his car and was happily chewing his way through electrical system all night.

I became more worried at its erratic behavior. As the guys got close to it I cautioned "Careful, I think it could have rabies".

Charmin: "It doesn't have rabies!"

Me: "Have you ever SEEN a mouse with rabies?"

It got quiet.

Finally, RyDy bravely declared that he would catch the mouse (I'm assuming he didn't want it chewing it's way into his tent) and take it across the road to set it free in the woods. Donning his gloves, he approached bravely. The mouse would stop until he got mere inches away, and then scurry off.... still doing circles. RyDy would approach again, the mouse would stop and look at us, and the pattern would repeat. I think I got to RyDy with the rabies comment, because he pulled out an Anchorman line: "I INSTANTLY regret my decision."

That's when Breezy stepped up to the plate. He snatched the gloves, and after a few minutes of cat and mouse (I crack myself up), he snagged the mouse.... and chucked it over the knoll to the ravine below.

"You were supposed to take it across the street!" I yelled. "We had a plan!!!!!!".

Well, at least I figured I'd be safe in the truck.

The first tentacles of dawn revealed the awful truth. The ravine Breezy had thrown little Algernon into was another campsite with some poor unsuspecting residents snoozing in their tent, blissfully unaware of their new furry companion.

Two days later, Charmin called to tell me that he had just heard about all the deaths in Yosemite from hantavirus, and the video from the news story showed a deer mouse running in small circles as an example of the disease. I called Breezy immediately, and we calculated that he probably only had a few days left to live. RyDy thought this was amusing, until I pointed out to him that Breezy had used his gloves to move our friend out of our campsite.

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