Moving in closer to look at an example of the types of details you will find on Princeton’s campus. To see such dedication to purpose, such pursuit of excellence is inspiring and humbling. It is embedded in the bones of the buildings and inherited by those fortunate enough to spend time here studying. These details serve as a reminder that only their best efforts are worthy of all that came before them.

Another fascination for me with these carved stones is what time has done to them – the black areas, the wearing down of certain surfaces, the textures created by tools as they smooth and shape the stone, and the red color that sits so perfectly behind the ivy – and rest assured, ivy is seldom far out of any frame I have created. I hope you also can feel an appreciation for this beautiful work through my work.

Princeton is an absolutely beautiful campus. It became one of those times when as a photographer, there is a struggle to be either a participant or an observer. I have an appreciation for architecture but Princeton has a much greater appreciation for architecture. When you think of an Ivy League school, this is one of the best examples you’ll find. I grew up closer to Harvard, so I like that place the best, but it’s very close to a tie.

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