Some days ago, an acquaintance visited my gallery on and kindly commented, “Nice pictures, yes. Quite strange, your portrait is never showed there”.

I nodded and simply explained the two main reasons of this absence. First, being the author of all these pictures, mostly taken on mountain, I can't be captured in the photo itself: on snowy ridges or glaciers, as well as in the woods, it's not easy to take self portraits or to meet a friendly bystander to ask for a shot.
Moreover, I have always been avoiding to appear in photos and videos: I like photography so much, as well as I prefer to remain on the background. I am not very photogenic.

Anyway, for a singular coincidence, during the same day I received by a close friend several pictures she took this summer. I was coming down from a climb on the Breithorn Group (the Central Breithorn, 4160 meters, and the Western Breithorn, 4165), suffering from the cruel revival of a subsequently diagnosed bad bursitis on the left leg.
I met my “coach” at about 3150 meters on the front of the Verra Glacier: she received me with a little food and we slowly started the very long descent. Then I was so deeply committed in discovering new varieties and colors of pain, that I never realized when she pointed at me her Nikon: as a matter of fact, I saw these portraits for the first time in December, 2012.
I am watching this picture now, and I feel it represents many things and awarenesses, among which the value of true friendship and resistance against the brutal force of the Fate.

Anyway, painful or not, I think this is one of the only three decent pictures in my whole adult existence. I hope you'll enjoy, at least after more than 120 photos on, here I am.

Please remind that this picture was taken by my friend, therefore she owns the full rights and copyright on it. This image is showed here on on her kind permission.

“Komm doch bitte bitte bitte
Noch ein bisschen näher \
Komm doch bitte bitte bitte
Noch ein bisschen näher...”

(Thanks Annapaolets).

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