This majestic, complex and utterly intimidating machine is the Reactor, or The Furnace at the Emirates Steel plant in Abu Dhabi. It is several stories high, produces a crazy heat of 1,250 degrees Centigrade. This is where the iron ore turns into liquid metal. Noise can't even be described; it is a deep, gut moving rumble combined with a high pitch of a jet engine that is deafening and awe inspiring. There's also a smell that is quite unique to this place - a putrid smell of resembling that of rotten eggs and charred wood which comes off of the impurities that are inside the iron ore.
I was composing this picture in this intense heat and earthquake like vibrations while the charred particles were falling down on me. Not the most friendly place on earth to be. I quickly snapped a few shots among this intestine-like tubing system which delivers various minerals and chemicals to the furnace when I noticed an operator in the distance. He was wearing a full body heat-shield and taking the samples of the liquid steel through the small opening of this monstrosity. The BALLS on this guy; seriously!!
I'm very happy with the end result, even if it fails to stimulate the remaining 4 senses.

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