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Magda Indigo


The Christmas party was in full swing, the house full of laughter. The ladies in their colourful and sparkling dresses, looking gorgeous, the gents smart and preened... many of them swaying to the tune of the sweet music.
Lights and flickering candle-flames spreading a lovely glow. The smell of good food was tickling the nostrils, yes a very merry atmosphere.
The weather was awful, sleety snow battering and drumming on the windows, but nobody seemed to notice, I was overlooking the pleasant scene when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a red blur, I looked, no... nothing there.
A little later, I was sure I saw it again, nudged a little closer to the window, and yes, there he was, Santa, shushing me, I rushed into the hall snatched a hat and coat and hurried outside.
'Sssssssssshhhhhhhhhh, I'm over here, quiet please?'
I could see his reindeer snuffling for some grass under the white layer.
'These are busy times for me, as you know, I came across your house and I could not help looking in, it looked so inviting I couldn't stop myself and have a look through the window, ooh, I do love to see people so happy, are you enjoying it?'
I blushed, or was it the wind that coloured my cheeks?
'Euhh, well yes, Santa, but I must confess, I'm not really here to feast and this is not my house, I am here to work, I am a photographer...'
He stroked his beard: 'Aha, I see... and do you like what you are doing?'
I shrugged and smiled: 'Yes and no, I love photography, but this here is work, earning a living, and no, not my favourite, you see, I think I am too shy really for it, each time I have to overcome a barrier, I mean, the clients cannot see my nerves, he?'
He clasped my hands in his: 'Hohoho, you make me laugh with your honesty! Sssshhh, between you and me, that sometimes happens to me too, I can also be nervous! Tell me what is your dream?'
I sighed deeply and looked at him: 'My dream would be to just be a creative photographer, I have so many ideas, not enough time, aaah, yes, to photograph when I like and what I like...'
He stroked his beard again and seemed thoughtful : 'That is quite a wish! In this day and age, mot easy, hhhmmm.
Well, my dear, it was great meeting you, I have to be on my way again, I wish you all the best and remember SSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH, don't tell ANYONE you've seen me!!!' He offered me a branch of festive Holly, waved good-bye.
I heard the sleigh-bells disappear into the dark of night, quickly silenced by the snow, gone... and me, also back to work again.

This was a few years ago now, and I got my wish! I live the photographer's dream!

I wish you all the very best, may your wishes come true, and thanx for all your kind words, time, comments, invites, faves and Awards. Very much appreciated.
M, (*_*)

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