Ok, so we know the days don't really get shorter in the fall, only that the daylight hours decrease. So if someone claims that the days get shorter, you can correct them. Some even boldly suggest that the days get longer in the summer. Wrong again! In fact, because the longest day (daylight day) of the year is the first day of summer, then from that day forward, the hours of daylight get shorter, not longer. So in truth, the days actually get longer in the winter and shorter in the summer. Now, on the last day of summer in 2012, I didn't have the longest or shortest daylight, but somewhere right in the middle is my guess. Indeed, I did experience the sweetest daylight I have seen this year, but to be sure, it was very short. As I arrived at this spot, I literally jumped from my car and quickly set up the camera, fired 8 frames....and it was gone! I'm not a good judge of my own images, but I feel this may be my best work this year. My wife thinks it looks all brown and dried up, but I feel it is so rich and earthy; and dried yellow grasses are close to the top of my list for photogenic subjects. The reason for such sweet light....the sun broke through the gap just as it was setting, meanwhile a high cover of thin clouds were fully illuminating the landscape below, like one enormous reflector, resulting in an uncommon glow! It doesn't hurt that the composition was as good as I could expect. I was very lucky that I arrived at a location that hadn't been grazed by the small, local herds of cows. Thanks for any comments!

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