The B-25J (NA-108) was the final production version of the Mitchell. It was also the version of the Mitchell to be built in the largest numbers, a total of 4318. It was manufactured exclusively at North American's Kansas City plant, the Inglewood plant having switched over to the manufacture of the P-51 Mustang fighter after the last B-25H had been delivered.

Kansas City briefly built both the B-25D and J at the same time, the first J being accepted in December 1943 and the last D in March of 1944.

The B-25J returned to its primary function as medium bomber and reverted to the transparent, bombardier-equipped nose of the earlier B-25C and D. The tail gun position with the deeper rear fuselage, the bay-window mounted waist guns, and the forward-mounted dorsal turret that had been introduced on the B-25H were all retained on the B-25J. The blister gun packs on the sides of the forward fuselage of the later versions of the B-25H were also retained. However, the co-pilot position (which had been omitted on the B-25H) was restored. The crew was now six -- pilot, co-pilot, navigator/bombardier/gunner, turret gunner/engineer, radio operator/waist gunner, and tail gunner. The bomb racks and bomb bay doors were now all electrically-operated. A 50,000 BTU surface combustion heater was provided at the waist gun station. Provision was made to carry three 1000 pound bombs rather than just two. Alternatively, two 1600-pound armor-piercing bombs could be carried. Provisions were made for the carrying of six 325-pound depth charges on underwing racks. B-25 fuselage arrangement

Maximum speed 275 mph at 15,000 feet. 230 mph cruising speed. Initial climb rate 1110 feet per minute. An altitude of 15,000 feet could be reached in 19 minutes. Service ceiling 24,000 feet. Range 1275 miles with 3200 pounds of bombs. Ferry range 2700 miles.

Wingspan 67 feet 6.7 inches, length 53 feet 5.75 inches (bomber version), height 16 feet 4.2 inches, wing area 610 square feet.

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