Eric H. Adeleye

Project 365: 013/365 - Abstract Concepts

© 2011 Eric Adeleye Photography. All rights reserved.

As chaotic as this photograph may seem on the surface, looking deeper reveals the order within it. As the rain slowly coalesced upon the hood of the vehicle. I thought to myself, how can I find the beauty within drops of water. Someone may see chaos, but this water is acting as it is designed to. One bead of water merges together to form another bead, slowly growing until gravity causes it to slowly slide off the side of the car to the ground. The many forces within this photograph are working together in an order of perfect design. Gravity pulling the water down. A breeze blowing the liquid in whatever direction it will flow. Surface friction causing water to form into beads. Nature is doing what she does best. Showering fields, crops, streams, and oceans with liquid life. This strange marriage of a hydrogen molecule to an oxygen atom is one of the most important and vital events known to mankind. Taken for granted by some, and desperately desired by others. These tiny fragments of waters form the links in the chains of life that binds man to his environment.

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