The Yellow-legged Honeycreeper, also known as the Cyanerpes caeruleus, also commonly known as the Purple honeycreeper, is known in various parts of South America, central america, as well as southern Mexico. The name of this purple bird comes from it’s shockingly bright yellow feet. This bird contains five sub-species.
This Neo tropical species, is a very energetic bird, never sits for long... and is amazing to watch it's natural behavior and habits. A special moment, too get him, staring me down, and literally moving himself right into the small window of natural light.... it was a grand moment for sure... I guess better to have some good luck, than not... From a technical stand point, this trip is my first hardcore shooting with my new 1dx, interesting to see the difference in metering systems, vs my other pro-summer equipment...the idx was consistently 2/3 LESS in exposure.... Also as i begin to photograph these shinny, iridescent ,and vibrant colors, i found it very important to pay attention to the natural sheen that a lot of these birds have.. remember we expose to extract as much of the details we can, it's a fine balance between, the very dark colors, and the lighter blues, to whites.... i honestly think, the camera can't see what my eyes were seeing! Please darken. the bkg by clicking on the subject......

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