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Iconic Sydney Harbour bridge at night (25-1-2013)

This shot is 99% straight from the camera. Magnificent night, on the eve of Australia day

In response to Phyllis's question about how to do this. This was my second night shoot effort, so I am FAR from an expert - but here is what i did do and my thoughts on this kind of shoot (hopefully of use to someone).

The key to flattening the water and removing distractions is a long exposure (LE). I was using the longest I could (easily) at 30 seconds. I expect good results will be had from 5+ seconds, but I figured "longer is better" (dont take that out of context!)
How to do LE without blowing the exposure

Clearly if we want want a slow shutter speed, then we need to reduce light as much as possible.

* Tripod is a MUST (to hold camera steady for a long time)
* Lowest ISO setting (100 typically)
* Small aperture, Big 'f' number
* Shoot at low light times sunrise/sunset/night
* Add an ND filter on the lens. I have a 4 stop ND filter i can screw into the end of my lens. This drops 4 stops of light. There are much better ones than the one i got (Lee big stopper etc), but for now this seems to do a decent job.
* Preferably some action in the sky. This was a good night and there were clouds up there to add some texture and colour variation

I like the wharf lighting spilling onto the bottom left too.

Hope that helps - and I'd LOVE to hear from anyone else on their comments or suggestions on how to do this better next time.

Thanks for looking

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