Taekwondo Like the Sea

I think Taekwondo is such a thing like the sea. The sea contains really many things. It includes many kinds of fishes, abundant resource with wind and wave on its water, on which ships can make their ways. Many people go to sea, yet not along one end. It must be natural. Someone goes to sea for fishing while another for a navigation on a ship which can deliver heavy things with ease. Some people go to sea for swimming while anothers just for investigations on tide and wind. It may be possible to ask them why they go to the sea, whereas it would not be appropriate to tell them it would be best to go to the sea only with a certain purpose because the sea is something particular.

In the same manner, neither would it be appropriate to say the aim of Taekwondo training should be "like so and so". For Taekwondo is nether a small hydrant for thirsty people nor a swimming pool only for swimmers. Taekwondo includes so much values and skills with so much ideas and beauties, fun with sweat, self-perfection with love and the cruelty of death, so many things as the sea has, where they love and hate one another woven in complexity with continuous harmonious breath.
Lee Chang-ho

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