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Winter in Hangzhou, West Lake 杭州, 西湖冬季 #05 ~ an appreciation of Chinese landscapes

Drop by my Facebook Page www.facebook.com/yewyuee for the latest. Due to heavy time constraints, I’ve minimised all activities here but should you be interested, I’ve relegated most photographs to my Sets. I am currently refining my passion in the invisible spectrum (UV-VIS-NIR) while at the same time exploring the basics and challenge of wide-field astrophotography with a DSLR in a light polluted city.

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This is the fifth of my mini-series.

At the restaurant where we had our extended break (to gather some warmth), the air was filled with radio broadcast of flight cancellations, road closures, etc. Passed noon and the weather had turned for the worse. Besides the heavy snowfall, the wind had picked up. We had to make a choice; onward exploration or back to our hotel. About equal distance both ways. As well, the visibility has dropped a notch.


#05 The Kuahong Bridge (跨虹桥) of the Su Causeway (苏提 / 蘇堤); 4 January, 2013

While deliberating on our next course of action, I chanced upon this view; one of six bridges along the famed Su Causeway (苏提/蘇堤). There was no chance of setting up my feeble three-legged support. The wind was just too strong.

Fake version: Instead of going for “The Full Monty”, I decided to use what’s left of some low standing shrubs to anchor in the foreground while part framing the bridge with the overhanging leaves from one surviving willow tree (柳树).

Truth: Fear of losing my footing and falling right into the icy lake (thus standing a few steps back)!

Nah! I don’t know which version to believe myself. As with most area of my photography, it’s a spontaneous thing.

The composition is right heavy but I think it goes along well with the route we were about to take. The dreamy effect was perhaps due to frost built up on my filter. Beats me too!


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For a brief history of West Lake, Hangzhou, please refer to the first photograph of my mini-series. This mini-series is best appreciated (the attached notes) in a chronological order http://500px.com/yewyuee/sets/west_lake_hangzhou_zhejiang_p_r_china_ Have a great experience. GOD Bless.

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