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Winter in Hangzhou, West Lake (杭州, 西湖) ~ life’s a journey (an interlude)

Drop by my Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/yewyuee) for the latest. Due to heavy time constraints, I’ve minimised all activities here but should you be interested, I’ve relegated most photographs to my Sets. I am currently refining my passion in the invisible spectrum (UV-VIS-NIR) while at the same time exploring the basics and challenge of wide-field astrophotography with a DSLR in a light polluted city.

Have a great life ahead!


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For those who celebrate, I wish you all a Happy (Lunar) Chinese New Year (新年快乐). For the rest, I wish you all a happy holiday week ahead. May everyone’s life be filled with good health and great joy!


A BIG, THANK YOU to my wife for capturing this special moment of me on this China’s coldest winter in 28 years (4 January, 2013).


This photograph is “STRICTLY NOT FOR PURCHASE &/OR DOWNLOAD”. It will not be enabled in my store. (This 50+ old man have been had, done and dusted with no residue value whatsoever!)


Many of my relatives, friends, and colleagues (who don’t have Facebook, not photographers, but just a basic internet access) have wondered how it was like on that eventful day; someone coming from a hot-and-humid equatorial region (where the lowest recorded temperature was 19.4C / 66.9F) experiencing a combination of sub-zero temperature, heavy snowfall and blistering winds for the first time. How one survived the day; let alone taking photographs.

It is also dedicated to (1) a close relative member who is in ill health ~ I believe in miracles, (2) a friend and fellow 500px member who is having a difficult time ~ may the light shine on her, and (3) another 500px member who was away for a few weeks due to health reasons but is now back ~ may his heart beat stronger.

To them, I would like to share the experience I had in West Lake, Hangzhou; where the road ahead was unclear but perseverance, as well as blessings from GOD, showed (cleared) the way (refer to my mini-series).

Never mind the photograph (that has no artistic value). I hope you like the little story.

* For my Facebook friends, the complete series (rejects & also-rans) is in FB page.


Well then. This is a stone-face look of me, in full battle order!

I sure have the ugliest dress code in the whole of West Lake. No wonder the crowd got thinner by the minutes; I must have been in their viewfinder for most of the time! I thought I could hear these same five words … “get out of my sight” reverberating across the West Lake through the early part of the morning.

Believe me. I was dressed like the locals the day before (very colourful,) but even before the blizzard, the cold was biting into my aging bones. When I woke up early on that fateful morning and saw the conditions outside my hotel room balcony, I knew what was coming.

Across the road I dashed to a local convenient store looking for some “additional protection”. They offered me this “ugly looking army-green heavy duty poncho-like trenchcoat” that goes right down to the knees.

And you know what. It turned out to be a blessing when morning turns to midday and afternoon to early evening. We (me and my wife) were about the only “surviving mammals”; with not many people around to disturb the calm (did I say, calm?) surroundings; thus enabling me to capture some wonderful reflections (latter part of my mini-series) despite the snowfalls.


“Normal service” will resume (I hope) on the week of 18th February, 2013.

Take care!

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