Not only did old mother nature make this impressive mountain of ice, but she also destroyed my camera while I was documenting it. (That pile of ice in the back must have been at least ten feet high!) Looking out my kitchen window, I had noticed a bright blue glimmer off in the distance. Upon closer inspection, with binoculars, I could tell it was ice piled up. (I had seen this sort of thing before) Once I drove to the island and found what I was looking at, it was much more impressive. How did nature pile such a slippery substance so high? I'm guessing it was a combonation of wind, water and magic. As for destroying my camera, yes, once again it's more or less my fault. It was really windy this day and I had forgot my tripod weight. Excited by the impressive ice piles, I set up my camera anyway and ran back to the car to find a make shift weight to hold the tripod steady. (first I watched the camera for a while, to see if the wind would in fact knock it over. It looked ok, but by the time I got back, it was already on the ground, limestone to be exact. It's not the first time that's happened either, but this time it wasn't happy, in fact, it gave up and stopped shooting. I don't blame it, I've been pretty hard on it. After 2 weeks with no camera, I've decided I'll send it into Canon and see if they can fix it, yet again. Unfortunately I only got 50 photos before it died, and only 35 of them are good for a timelapse. That's merely a blip in timelapse time. For a size reference, the ice is about 4 inches think (if I remember correctly)

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