Legend has it that the children never left. The hospital now sits empty but from the stories come a dare and on this night, Halloween,visitors come to accept the challenge. The dare is simple: Sit on the swings and wait for the children. Looking back at your friends waiting in the bushes, you take your seat and with the exception of their nervous laughter, the night is completely silent as you settle among the shadows. You turn back toward the hospital and begin the wait. As your eyes adjust to the darkness you fix your stare on something lurking in the shadows. A thin white mist slithers across the ground, gaining in thickness as it covers the space between you and behind it,the soft distant whisper of children echoes in the courtyard. Unable to move, You sit frozen to your seat watching the dirt as the mist consumes the playground. Though there is no breeze, the rusted chains of the broken swing next to you make a cold metallic sound as they begin to sway and as the mist swirls around your feet it becomes clear that the chatter is coming from within. Feeling something tugging at your shoes, you fumble out of the swing,consumed with horror, and turn to see your friends crawling back through the broken fence. As you run to meet them the children follow, pulling at your hair and jacket as your friends yank you through the hole. You expect them to come for you but the mist remains behind the rusted metal, restricted to grounds of the hospital, echoing the children's laughter as you run in the darkness of the night. This Halloween has made you a believer.

-Caption Courtesy of: Olivia Wolfe

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