Carlos Grupilo

Common Potoo (Nyctibius griseus) - Mãe-da-lua

There is a belief in the Amazon that the tail feathers of potoo protect chastity. Therefore, the mother sweeps under the networks of girls with a broom made ​​of these feathers.

Tells a famous Bolivian legend that in the dense forest inhabited the beautiful daughter of the chief of some tribe, enamored by a young warrior of the same tribe, whom he loved deeply. He loved and was loved. Upon learning of the novel, the girl's father, enraged by jealousy, used his magic and made ​​the decision to end the dating of the most tragic way: kill the suitor. Feeling the disappearance of her lover, the young Indian came into the jungle to look for him. Huge was his surprise when he realized the terrible fact. In shock, he returned home and threatened to tell everything to the community. The old man, furious, turned her into a nocturnal bird that no one knew what had happened. However, the girl's voice went to the bird. Therefore, during the evenings, she always cries the death of his beloved corner with a sad and melancholy.

In Peru, more specifically in the Peruvian Amazon, the Nyctibius griseus is a bird rooted in the mythology of the indigenous peoples, which is known as "Ayaymama" because his song also reminds a child exclaiming "oh, oh, mama." The Peruvian legend says that a baby was abandoned by his mother in the forest to avoid that died by a plague that had wiped out all the people. He then turned into a bird, that nightly mourns for his mother.

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