Red Rock Canyon National Park is located just outside of Las Vegas and I like to make it a point to try and visit each time I’m in town.

I’ve always been fascinated with the Spring Mountains and how they catch the first rays of light as the sun wakes in the morning. For a precious few moments, you get a fantastic light and hue that truly makes them come alive. It lasts less than 10 minutes, and it’s over.

I was looking for a new composition and spent about a half an hour visually juggling various joshua trees, cacti and rocks, but I just couldn’t manage an arrangement that I liked. I decided to cross the wash and scout one of the hills on the other side.

As I stumbled into the wash, I was surprised at the number of cool looking rocks and boulders strewn about. I shot a glance towards the mountains and couldn’t help but think that if I could find an area where the wash was sort of leading towards the mountains I might just have a cool shot!

I hiked up the wash, around one corner, over a boulder, then some bedrock, and then came upon this area.

Cue big stupid grin.

I found my spot and the next morning I was set up before sunrise. I noticed the clouds and watched anxiously as the sun’s light worked its way across the cold sky. I wanted the mountain fully lit by the sun, but would those fantastic clouds hovering over the peak last long enough for the shot?

I didn’t have to wait too long for an answer – everything came together REAL quick! I shot frantically to get the shot you see above. In a matter of minutes the color on the mountain faded and I was done for the morning – but what a morning!

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