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Winter in Hangzhou, West Lake 杭州, 西湖冬季 #06 ~ an appreciation of Chinese landscapes

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This is the sixth of my mini-series.


#6 Dawn over Su Causeway in Spring (苏堤春晓), 4 January, 2013; another of West Lake’s 10 scenic spots (西湖十景).

Also called Causeway of Lord Su, it is a broad levee crossing the whole scenic area of West Lake from south to north. Starting from Nanping Hill in the south to Qixia Peak in the north, the whole causeway is approximately 3 kilometres long. Both sides of the causeway were planted the willow trees, peach trees, wistaria and lots of flowers and bushes. There are also six stone arch bridges with elegant names respectively in causeway, which are Yingbo Bridge, Suolan Bridge, Wangshan Bridge, Yadi Bridge, Dongpu Bridge and Kuahong Bridge. They are old but beautiful! The locals call these bridges the Six Suspension Bridges (六吊桥).


Well. Spring has certainly not arrived and it surely was past dawn; early afternoon to be precise.

Across the first of Su Causeway’s (苏提 / 蘇堤) six bridges we went. It was almost a blizzard by now and snowflakes were cutting into us from all directions. While I was clearing the heavy built up of frost on my pair of glasses, the wind while still strong has suddenly dropped a few notches, opening up this picturesque landscape before me. IT WAS AS IF, GODSEND. I knew I had to be quick. A burst of three shots followed; handheld of course. A quick review on the LCD followed and before I could lift my camera up for a change of composition, the beautiful landscape before me had disappeared; our vision again obscured by the swirling wind blowing the snowflakes all around.

Perseverance, in continuing with our onward journey had paid off. This photograph is my wife’s favourite. I hope you like it too.

P.S. To date, I could not put a name to this scene (photograph) before me. I was looking towards the direction of the Yanggong Causeway (楊公堤). I think the lake before me is Yue Lake (岳湖) while the place to the right is where they perform the "Impression West Lake" (印象西湖). I would deeply appreciate if anyone could confirm otherwise. Thank you.


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For a brief history of West Lake, Hangzhou, please refer to the first photograph of my mini-series. This mini-series is best appreciated (the attached notes) in a chronological order http://500px.com/yewyuee/sets/west_lake_hangzhou_zhejiang_p_r_china_ Have a great experience. GOD Bless.

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