I was wandering down to the shop to buy some toilet paper for our office when I spotted something in the gutter. It looked kind of curious so I had a closer peek. Upon getting closer I realised it was a bird lying there. However it wasn't squished flat onto the road, wasn't visibly wounded, just expired.

It felt a bit wrong leaving her there, abandoned in the gutter, an insult beyond the grave, but I knew I had nowhere to put her.

I went in the shop, bought the necessary goods whilst pondering this poor little creature's demise and then began my walk back to the office.

I winced and closed my eyes as a car came swerving around the corner to pull into the side of the road right by this little fellow, as I feared she may get squished....and it was then I knew I had to remove her from this terrible place.

What I did next, you might say is gross or sick or weird....but I hope that if anyone found me dead in a gutter they'd take me to a better place.....

So I found a discarded newspaper and gently picked her up in it and wrapped her in a bag. It was then I knew without a doubt that she was the most beautiful thing i'd seen in a long long time. Not at all death-like, just an unmoving velvety little bird.

Now she rests quietly in a slightly overgrown part of my dad's garden.

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