An Armenian Village Named Qurse..During big tragedy of ARMENIAN while forced to leave their land between 1910- 1915 this village was one one of them..As Kurd and a Muslim My grandfather was telling us all about stories and pain that they have been faced..They were friends and neighbors.Kurds as Muslim and Armenians as Christians were living together,helping each other, even felt love and related so many ways such folk dance, food,work,farming,singing,marketing and living .. But some how just before world war at the last day so of Ottoman Emperor nationalism became hatred in politic of Ottomans and they start to forced ARMENIANS Leave their land of thousand years and Kurds (their muslim brothers) could not help them..Only watched and in some places some of them were corrupt by Turkish governs to help them.. In Fact they had no power to help as well as no knowledge..One and Half Million Armenians of Anatolia( middle,east,north east of turkey at present) were sent away from their homes with including murderers and starves...Kurds had no chance to know they will be faced with same cruelty 100 years later..Well It happened and DruinG The war between Kurdish Guerrillas and Turkish Army over 4000 Kurdish villages burnt down by Turkish army and my grandfather was still mourning for his Armenian friends..He witnessed that tragedy two times at his life..First one to his Armenian friend while he was a child and second one happened to himself ,his family..As he was always telling us the last words of his Armenian friend father``` We Armenians is the breakfast of this hatred but don`t forget ,you Kurds will be Dinner at this table``... Yes He was right Kurd became dinner...I gave a visit to this village last year and l felt our Armenian neighbors pain from deep..I was familiar with that pain..It is a shame for Kurds as well as for World that Kurds , one of the oldest nation of human history with 50 million population in middle east(Mesopotamia) has no name at internat0inal field..Armenian has their own so Kurds tragedy is bigger than theirs..

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