I love photographs that have natural spot lighting. Outside, spot lighting occurs on overcast days when sunlight punches a hole in the clouds and sends a brilliant, clearly defined shaft of light to the ground.

This photograph of our neighbors’ cat was made over the Christmas holidays. Mitzy greeted us with a series of enthusiastic meows, stretched her back and then proceeded to rub her neck along the corner of the wall.

Suddenly a brilliant, narrow beam of sunlight burst through the front window and lit her up like an opera star.

I quickly fumbled for my camera knowing that I didn’t have much time before Mitsy would move out of the spotlight.

I managed to capture two frames. This photograph is the first. The second is a shot of Mitzy cloaked in darkness with the spotlight trailing behind her.

Silver gelatin print
Leica M6
Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm f1.4 MC lens
Ilford HP5, ISO 400

Original post: http://fivehundredandnine.ca/?page_id=7

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